Colorful Vacation Homes

These clients purchased two new construction homes next door to one another as vacation homes for friends and family! We took the cue that these properties are for fun and used bright colors and durable finishes to create a place for loved ones to crash when they come to visit!

The Transformation

These homes are new construction properties with new paint colors that the homeowner wanted to work with. The two living spaces are distinct, one has more clean, primary colors and the other has softer tertiary colors like orange, green and teal.

There are 6 bedrooms in these twin properties, so we decided to celebrate color and give each bedroom a distinct color palette: red, orange and yellow, green, blue and purple. Each room was wallpapered to coordinate with the rug, accent pillows, art and bedding! We hope when friends come to stay that they want to sleep in the room that is their favorite color!

Budget Range: 100k+


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