Art Consultation & Acquisition

Does your home align with your values? Does your art spark curiosity, is it engaging and inspiring? Art that is made by hand is authentic, honest and ever-unfolding.

Asheville is one of those special places on the planet that attracts artists. It’s known around the world for its art scene. From the time of George Vanderbilt, Asheville has a long legacy of attracting artists and artisans.

You don’t go to one of our famous breweries and order a Budweiser, you want to be a part of the craft-beer community and order a local beer knowing it was made by people connected to the area and passionate about their work!

Local art is the same way. When you invest in a piece by an Asheville artist you are making your claim as part of the rhythm of our city and supporting that artist’s micro economy.

I believe in the powerful impact that original art has on spaces and the profound effect that meeting the artists has in connecting to an artwork. I also know that it takes time and energy to find those artists and get to know their artwork, and I’ve done the research and cultivated relationships with some of the region’s leading artists whose lives and works are entwined with the place and people of Asheville – they are part of the history of art making in Asheville. 

Artists who are hard-working, committed to making beautiful, engaging art that speaks to the majesty of Western North Carolina. Many works by these artists often aren’t seen in the galleries, but I know where to find them!



With an in-home consultation, Jennifer will spend time reviewing your current art collection and your spaces. We will discuss how you’d like your home to feel, your taste and style that is appropriate, as well as size and scale. An engaging and enlightening process that helps you understand your current collection and how to add to it in a way that reflects and honors the evolution of your life’s journey


Fee determined after consultation

Following your art consultation, we will dive in head first to curate your collection! Jennifer will use the information from the consultation to recommend specific pieces of art or commissions. She will negotiate and broker sales, facilitate acquisition, necessary framing that will culminate in a swoon-worthy collection that will delight and inspire you and your guests!

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