Console Tables

Console table, Credenza, Sofa table…. they go by many different names and have even more functions in our homes!

These hard working tables serve as an entry table in a foyer, behind a sofa or sectional as a place to perch snacks or a beverage, they work as a server or side board in a dining room or under a tv as a media stand. If you know you may move in the future, a console table is a wise investment piece because you can use it in so many different ways in different homes!

There are endless interesting and stylish console tables, how do you know which is right for your home? Here are a few of the principles I use:

  • If you’re using the console as a sofa table, it should be the height of your sofa or no more than 2” shorter than the sofa. Don’t use one that is taller than the back of your sofa. As far as the length of the table in relation to the sofa, I like them to be about 2/3 the length of the sofa, but no less than half!
  • A console table in the foyer is a great place for a tray or bowl to catch mail or keys as you come or go.
  • If you mount art, a mirror or a tv above your console table, 2/3 is a good rule. You want the console table to provide visual grounding for the art or tv, so you want the art to be 2/3 the width of the console table.


When choosing a console, also consider how you might style it! A pair of lamps is always beautiful if they work in the space.

When styling a console in a foyer, I’d use a lamp (always!) a bowl or tray as a catchall, a plant and perhaps a stack of books or two.

In a dining room, it’s nice to keep the styling minimal so it transitions easily to serving food or drinks, but candles, a lamp and a tray are always nice!

Here are a few consoles I’m loving right now, if you’re interested, you can purchase below!